Ultra-thin all glass Touch

The TOUCH panel is equipped with a 7 "ultra-thin (0.3 mm) all-glass display.

Great attention has been dedicated to details to make the graphich interface attractive and intuitive. This way temperature and humidity control is easy and user-friendly.


APP Android & IoS

With the smartphone you can control the environment of various areas of the house and enjoy maximum comfort, wherever you are and at all times.


In addition to the simple wireless system, remote control allows you to achieve significant energy savings.

Remote services

All Termogea systems can be updated and tested remotely thanks to the Integrated Gateway that allows you to access systems already installed wherever they are, at any time.

With the testing SW, the service technician can perform a series of remote checks and intervene locally only when strictly necessary, with considerable savings and much faster response times.

Modular, scalable

Termogea is modular
Standard and open (non-proprietary) interfaces make it possible to add devices such as sensors, actuators, counters, displays and other elements to realize a great variety of applications. MODBUS, M-BUS, RS485, I2C, 1-Wire, Ethernet, Z-Wave, WiFi are some of the available interfaces.

Termogea is scalable
With Termogea configuration and testing SW our customers can realize thermoregulation systems ranging from the single mini-apartment to the condominium or to the offices of a large company.

Simple & Intuitive SW

Advanced SW technologies
A very advanced SW technology allow us to offer a Tes&Configuration programĀ  extremely simple and intuitive.

No SW installation is required, you can use any device: laptop, tablet or smartphone.
No introduction course is needed.

Among the main SW functionalities you have:
- Central Unit configuration (nr zones, heat distribution..)
- Bus address setting for sensors, counters and actuators.
- Initial plant setup
- In-field plant test