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Remote reading of energy consumption.

The new EU directive has been published: from 2020 the new heat meters will have to be readable remotely.

By 25 October 2020, the newly installed heat meters must be legible and remotely controllable.

For the accounting of consumption in existing buildings, art. 9 provides for the installation of individual meters for measuring consumption of heat, cooling and domestic hot water.

The new directive 2018/2002/EU contains measures to improve energy efficiency of the 32.5% by 2030. The directive also establishes the obligation to read consumption remotely.

By 25 October 2020, newly installed heat meters and heat cost allocators should be remotely readable to ensure cost-effective, frequent provision of consumption information.

The same rules apply to systems already installed:

Meters and heat cost allocators which are not remotely readable but which have already been installed shall be rendered remotely readable or replaced with remotely readable devices by 1 January 2027…

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