All our systems and products can be managed remotely via IoS and Android smartphones and via voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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Voice control of thermal systems via Amazon Alexa
Voice control of thermal systems via Google Home Assistant


One of the most important technological innovations Termogea introduced in the world of Smart Home Climate Control is the integrated web-server. This system enables remote monitoring and control of thermal system for any kind of buildings.

Every Termogea system is connected straight to the Internet, without any modems or external gateaways. In the cloud, the desired parameters are stored and processed for customized remote control, as well as energy and performance data for reduce consumption.

Remote control of thermal systems


  • Comfort being our plants controlled by PC/tablet/smartphone.
  • Predictive maintenance of breakdowns and malfunctions with real-time alarms and reports, before the problem occurs.
  • Savings in terms of journeys and kilometers by maintainers thanks to remote control and management of centralized systems. These can in fact be managed directly from your own office, without moving to the site of the facilities.
  • Energy efficiency obtained thanks to the most innovative self-learning technologies, waste reduction and building efficiency.


Termogea stands for Scientific Research & Technological Innovation.

Termogea is the result of important investments in R&D aimed at gathering experiences from the world of Energy Efficiency of buildings, Telecommunication, Technological Innovation and Cloud. These experiences have been used to create simple solutions that can be easily installed and used by everyone.

The systems and products in our catalog are the result of an intense activity of technological innovation. Thanks to our propensity, some of the major research institutes, such as ENEA and the local universities, have chosen us as their partner. With these institutions we have in fact supported their projects in the energy efficiency and home automation sector.

Technologies for Smart home climate control
Smart thermostats - Multizone remote control via smartphone and touch panel


Termogea has developed its graphic interfaces following the principles of the User Experience Design.
The team of graphic and web designers has paid special attention to graphics for web interfaces and mobile applications.
It was thus possible to achieve an eye-catching look and greatest ease of use for all user interfaces present in Termogea.

The technologies adopted for the web are those of the latest generation that affect the level of performance (Lazy Loading, Google fonts deferring, JS CSS Minification, web Caching) and the adaptability of the layout to various mobile devices (Responsive Technology).


The very strong competitiveness of Termogea in terms of quality/price ratio comes from products we think and design in house and from production in Italian factories.

The Software of the various modules and user interfaces as well as the Hardware and electronics of the main products come from our laboratories in Pomezia.
Here, in fact, we think, design, build and test all our systems.

This allows us to have a very competitive cost and excellent quality compared to all our competitors.

Hardware supplies for Smart Home Climate Control