Room climate control, energy monitoring and remote supervision of thermal systems

Termogea has introduced one of the most important technological innovations in the world of Building Automation: the Integrated Web-Server. This system enables remote monitoring and control of thermal system for any kind of buildings.

Thanks to an extreme modularity, with Termogea it is possible to create customized solutions. From a small apartment or office to a large building with many apartments or hotel rooms. Termogea has integrated home automation systems, machines and different brands under a single simple and intuitive interface.


Smart Room climate control systems.

Smart climate control of the temperature, humidity and air quality in the rooms. Monitoring of the consumption of thermal energy, electricity and photovoltaic production.

Smart room climate control of wireless systems.

Wireless room climate cntrol, ideal for buildings renovations. Thanks to Z-Wave technology it is possible to integrate the control of radiators for winter heating with fan coils for summer cooling.

Remote metering of thermal and electrical consumption.

Cloud metering consumption system. Remote reading of water meters and electricity and thermal energy meters.

Remote monitoring of thermal systems.

Remote monitoring and control of thermal systems for hotels and accommodation facilities. Direct heat metering, historical data in graphical form. Real-time data and predictive maintenance.

All our systems and products can be managed remotely via IoS & Android smartphones
and via voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Termogea APP - Apple store
Termogea APP - Google Play
Voice control of thermal systems via Amazon Alexa
Voice control of thermal systems via Google Home Assistant


Cloud managemento of thermal system.

Cloud management of thermal system. Remote control on small systems such as single apartments or single-family buildings and on large condominium systems.

New Termogea App for remote control of thermal system.

The new IoS & Android Termogea App for multizone room climate control.

Multizone touch screen panel for room climate control systems.

The user interfaces of Termogea are intuitive and with attention to detail. Touch Screen, APP for IoS-Android and WEB-Intarface allow a simple and quick use of systems that can also be very complex.

Building automation systems for advanced room climate control.

Termogea building automation allow remote control of thermal systems via cloud, smartphone, PC and voice commands. It is also possible to view consumption trends, receive alarms and perform maintenance.

Integration of thermal systems.

Termogea is able to intervene on different levels of integration: various multi-brand hydraulic machines, home automation systems, wired / wireless systems and consumption monitoring systems.