Remote control from IoS and Android Smartphones
Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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Centralized thermal systems – The remote control system.

This system is particularly suitable for centralized systems. It is able to connect to the Internet via GSM/GPRS mobile network, without the need to have access to a local router.

All functions can be used remotely:

  • Generator switching on/off (boiler or heat pump) according to the predefined time schedule.
  • Change of time schedule.
  • Control of circulation pumps.
  • Temperature reading on delivery and return pipes.
  • History of temperature and alarm events.
  • Real-time waqrning in case of exceeding of temperature thresholds or generator alarms.

The maintenance technician can carry out all the checks from any place and at any time via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Controllo remoto centrali termiche - Termoregolazione remota impianti centralizzati